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Numismatic Reference Sites

Chiefa Coins - This site is run by Pakistani collector Mohammad Haseeb Naz, who currently lives in Saudi Arabia, and features lots of interesting information about micronation and fantasy coins as well as casino tokens, replica coins - and even coins from "real" countries. 

Coins of Fantasy - A site owned by USNS member Darren Cameron that catalogues coins created for fantasy realms in literature, film and television, including Middle Earth, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter and others. 

Micronational & Fantasy Coins - One of the most comprehensive sites dealing with this subject , by collector and USNS member Erik McCrea. Mr McCrea is also the creator of the fantasy coins from L'ile d'Heliopolis and Nichtsburg & Zilchstadt.

The Imperial Collection - A catalogue of the stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, awards, vexillological and historic information and ephemera from micronations and secessionist states owned by USNS member George Cruickshank - also known as Emperor George II of Atlantium.

The Ultimate State of Tædivm - A site owned by USNS member Chaim Shiboleth that catalogues the coin output of diverse European based micronations, including a complete overview of (amongst others) the coins of the Free State of Christiania, the Kingdom of Torgu and United Transnational Republics. This site also has a section which gives an overview of the fantasy coins minted by Fred Zinkann.

Metals Used in Coins and Medals - A site that comprehensively details the metals and alloys used in the manufacture of coins and medals.

Numismatic Blog - For the love of money.


Official Websites: Micronations and Related Groups

Antonine Imperium - Antoninia is a micronation dedicated to reviving Hellenistic culture and religion. It was founded on 26 November, 1999, and minted its first coin in 2005.

City of Microna - A group of micronation hobbyists seeking to purchase land in the United States in order to set up a town. Microna minted a coin in 2002.

Conch Republic - Well-known satirical micronation in the Florida Keys. It has minted a number of coins since the 1980s.

Empire of Atlantium - A global non-territorial micronation and secular, pluralist progressive lobby group based in Sydney with a thousand members in over ninety countries. Atlantium was founded in 1981 and minted its first coin in 2001.

Grand Duchy of Avram - An unusual non-territorial kabbalistic micronation based in Tasmania. The Grand Duke was prosecuted by the Australian government when he first minted his unique multicoloured coins in the 1980s; the government lost the case and the Duke ended up being elected to the Tasmanian state parliament.

Grand Duchy of Westarctica - An online micronation founded in 2001 when former US Marine Travis McHenry laid claim to a large chunk of the Antarctic continent. Westarctica minted metal and timber disc coins in 2005. 

Hutt River Province Principality - The most prolific micronation coin-issuer in history, this Western Australian principality was founded in 1970 in a dispute with a government department concerning wheat quotas. It occupies a farm that is larger than Hong Kong.

Kingdom of Elleore - Founded in 1944 by a group of Danish schoolteachers, the Kingdom of Elleore is one of the oldest surviving micronations of the modern era. The official website is in Danish.

Kingdom of Romkerhall - This unusual German micronation operates out of a tourist hotel near Hamburg, and has minted several coins since the 1980s.

North American Araucanian Royalist Society (NAARS) - Supporting South America's Mapuche native people and the historic Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia.

Northern Forest Archipelago - An environmentally-focused micronation claiming a series of discontiguous wilderness territories in the US northeast. The NFA has released unusual timber-disc coins as well as paper currency.

Nova Roma - A worldwide group with two and a half  thousand members, dedicated to recreating the glories of republican Rome. Their sestercii coins are used to transact business at re-enactment meets.

Principality of Freedonia - Founded by a group of high school friends in 1992, this new country group had plans of founding a libertarian paradise in Somaliland. They did not succeed - although they did mint an attractive silver bullion coin in 1998.

Principality of Sealand - The oldest modern micronation still in existence, Sealand occupies the only remaining former Maunsell Sea Fort, an artificial island defensive facility constructed in the English Channel during World War 2 and later abandoned. Sealand has minted numerous coins.

Principality of Seborga - According to the supporters of Prince Giorgio I, the Ligurian hilltop village of Seborga was never formally incorporated into Italy, so since the 1960s they've been promoting the idea of Seborga's independence. Giorgio was elected by over 95% of the town's residents, so it must be a convincing argument. Seborga has minted several dozen coins.

Robland - Satirical micronation created for a 2006 Belgian commercial television series.

Society for Creative Anachronism - The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. It is made up of 18 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members around the world. Several SCA members have minted coins, and hundreds of different types are known to exist.

Official Websites: Fantasies and Artistic Creations

Commonwealth of New Island - New island is a complex multi-faceted creative venture conceived by Wisconsin artist Lee Mothes, who has minted several strikingly attractive coins for this imagined secretive Indian Ocean utopia. 

Kingdom of Bermania - Bermania is an Eastern European fantasy invented by US coin dealer Alan Berman in 1976. The Kingdom minted several coins during the 1990s. 

Kingdom of Kamberra - Created in 1988, Kamberra is a creative project of Luxembourg resident Franck Medina (King Franck I), who has issued dozens of Kamberrian stamps and banknotes over the intervening period. Medina minted Kamberra's inaugural coin release in 2004, and has announced plans for a second series in 2005. 

Nadiria - This "lost utopian colony in Antarctica" is a vehicle for the issue of beautiful fantasy banknotes by designer Stephen Barnwell. 

Official Websites:
Native Peoples & Self-determination Groups

Cherokee Heritage Centre - Everything you need to know about this Native American tribe.


Other Reference Sites

Wikipedia - Micronations Category - Links to several dozen fascinating free online encyclopedia articles about micronations, secessionist states and related groups.

Footnotes to History - A comprehensive site that aims to document the history of unsuccessful countries throughout modern times. - A comprehensive collection of links to microstate, micronation, sovereignty, secession and related websites.

Coin Dealers

Interesting World Coins - California dealer Joel Anderson caters to all manner of eclectic collecting interests, and has a strong commitment to the sale of micronation coins.

Mia Scris - This European dealer is a good source of coins from Seborga - although they tend to be a little highly-priced.

Rich Hartzog - AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia - US dealer specialising in exonumia from fraternal organisations, secret societies and related groups.



Africa Mint - Producer of numerous highly-prices African fantasy coins that purport to originate from a number of legitimate African nations, but which have no legitimacy.

Grunal Moneta - British-based manufacturer of authentic-style hammered coins. Designs include reproductions of Celtic through to to Tudor pieces, as well as modern commemorative coins and tokens.

Lasqueti Mint

Shire Post - Creators of coins, stamps and other collectable artefacts from the realms of fantasy and science fiction.

Texas Mint

Numismatic Societies

World Proof Numismatic Association - For collectors of proof coins. Their quarterly publication Proof Collectors Corner is a fascinating read, and an occasional source of selected unrecognised states coins. Write to the WPNA at PO Box 4094, Pittsburgh PA 15201-0094, USA. Club president Edward Moschetti may be contacted by phone on +1 412 782 4477 or fax +1 412 782 0227.

Coinsheet - Directory that includes a comprehensive list of numismatic societies.