There are so many different fields of Law, each involving their own areas of study and specializations. If you are considering attending law school, you should have a general idea of which one of these areas you would like to specialize in. You can always decide that you would rather focus on a different field. These are just a few of the specializations that you could consider going into.

There is criminal law, which covers behaviors that fall under the criminal code and is considered illegal. If you are going to be a prosecutor or district attorney, you will be upholding the law, while if you are a criminal defense attorney, then you would be defending someone who has been accused of
committing a crime.

Business law covers the formation of companies, the dissolution of businesses, and any and other aspects of the administration of Law and General Justice For Allcorporations. Typically, a corporate lawyer might be responsible for all types of duties. Something they might work on would be the acquisition
of a new company or dealing with disputes, both from within the company and from outside entities.

A real estate lawyer would handle a multitude of responsibilities involved in the real estate field. This could range from tenant right and landlord disputes to working on reviewing contracts for residential or commercial transactions to working on development.

Someone who focuses on family law would be concerned with the legal relationships between individuals and in what context those relationships fall. These individuals usually work in smaller firms, and their particular focus could range from civil unions to marriages to legitimacy.

If you were to try and focus on environmental law, you would have concerns that go beyond just local and state jurisdiction. You could work for a company, the government, an individual or an advocacy organization. Many environmental lawyers focus on curbing pollution and disputes about land, but public health issues are becoming more and more popular in this field of study.

A civil rights lawyer work to ensure that they are focusing on balancing the interests of both the government and the individual. This means that they might work on a case that involves discrimination, or perhaps an unfair practice that is currently being employed.

An immigration lawyer will work with an individual throughout all General Law and The Court Systemstages of the naturalization process. They will also work with people who are seeking sanctuary, and with those who are in the country illegally. The cases that these lawyers work on vary from each country, and a lot of what they do is dependent on treaties and political conjecture.

There are many, more areas of study that are out there to choose from, and each one offers something different. You may begin your education believing that you want to be a criminal lawyer but discover that instead you are more attracted to the field of environmental law and would rather specialize in that area. If attending law school is something that you are considering, know that you will have many, many, choices available to you to focus your study on.